Secure Virtual Private Network

The most secure, reliable and cost effective way to connect your multi-branches is by using SPSNET VPN, SPSNET VPN services provide with unlimited data transfers between your branches for a fixed monthly cost. VPN networks can allow you to manage your entire network from the Head quarter and this will save the time and resources, also will allow you to use the IP based services such as VoIP. SPSNET can link from 2 up to as many available branches + individual connections.

Business Broadband

We have tailored our products to meet the demanding needs of your organization; our commitment to businesses is reflected in offering wide range of choices started from 128 Kbps up to 100 MB. SPSNET Business Broadband is more than one single product. It’s a suite of over five different technologies available to build the optimal solution for your business. The technologies include Fiber Ethernet, DIA, WL, ADSL and WIMAX. Technologies can be mixed and matched to best meet individual branch office requirements for speed and flexibility. Multi-site solutions often incorporate different technologies. Our performance set us apart from our competitors, we maintain 1:1 connection ratio this means that your bandwidth are not shared with any other customer..


Our MPLS service combines best-of-breed carrier networks to create a completely private, fast and flexible solution that lets you prioritize voice, video and data applications, while consolidating all traffic onto a single, easy–to–manage network infrastructure. We can integrate our services with your existing network, or help you deploy and manage an MPLS network custom–built for your business requirements. Gulf Computer Service Co.provides the infrastructure your business needs to deliver real-time applications and provide connectivity for centralized, cloud-based applications. Built on a state-of-the-art platform, the network provides intelligent application-based routing, sophisticated management and control and unprecedented network performance in a single MPLS solution. For companies needing to deploy cloud-based applications and services across distributed environments, Gulf Computer Services Company provides intelligent, application based, routing, sophisticated tools for management and control, and unprecedented network performance in a single, unified MPLS solution. The result is a fully-managed enterprise network infrastructure with unprecedented application performance, flexibility and resiliency delivered from a single vendor.

Backup Connections

Gulf Computer Service Co. is providing a free bandwidth backup connection, whenever your main connection is down the backup service will run to cover the main connectivity till it get back to normal service, we provide various backup methods such as DSL, WL, and DIA, it depend on the main connectivity and LOS.