Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM

Gulf Computer Services Co. – SPSNET is providing a powerful Anti-Virus solutions, having an alliance with the major anti-virus software such as ESET, AVG and SYMANTEC are allowing us to strongly protect our customers in a virtual world full of viruses, malwares, SPAM threats. Viruses and spam often cost companies large sums of money through data-loss and decreased productivity. We provide a comprehensive managed e-mail security service providing our clients with protection against viruses, worms and Trojans that spread via e-mail. In addition SPSNET managed Email Anti-spam and antivirus service filters outunsolicited junk e-mail, or spam.

Content Filtering

Gulf Computer Services Co. – SPSNET, provides solutions that allow SME businesses to filter the sites that user are browsing, what they are downloading and gives the control to block downloads if necessary. We provide web filtering software for a business that gives you access to filter the sites that can be browsed on your network and provides you with reports about which sites are most visited and the number of downloads occurring.

Data Encryption and SSL certificates

Data is the most precious issue for corporate and government organizations, encrypting critical and sensitive Data is very important so they will not be hacked and misused, SSL certificate and encryption will give your customers and partners the peace of mind that their data is secured.

Application Delivery

GCSC mission has always been to help customers get the best ROI from their investment in our load balancers F5. The BIG-IP family of products offers the application intelligence that network managers need to ensure applications are fast, secure, and available. All BIG-IP products share a common underlying architecture, F5's Traffic Management Operating System (TMOS), which provides unified intelligence, flexibility, and programmability. Together, BIG-IP's powerful platforms, advanced modules, and centralized management system make up the most comprehensive set of application delivery tools in the industry.

Cyber Security Services

GCSC mission has always been to help customers get the best ROI from their investment in our load balancers F5. CSC offers cyber security services such as ethical hacking, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. Our team arms the prospective security specialists with the latest weapons to emerge victorious in the battle against hackers, intruders and other evil forces in the cyber world. Our services further offers penetration testing, evaluation of security preparedness, forensic investigation, monitoring your IT environment and source code review. In short you have the best of both worlds, namely, tools to prevent cyber-crime and investigative procedures to book the criminal after the crime. You have a solid partner to bank upon BEFORE and AFTER cyber-crime. It will help you to keep pace with the rapidly changing security scenarios the world over.

Next Generation Firewall

NGFWs include the typical functions of traditional firewalls such as packet filtering,network- and port-address Translation (NAT), stateful inspection, and virtual private network (VPN) support. The goal of next generation firewalls is to include more layers of the OSI model to improve filtering of network traffic dependent on the packet contents. NGFWs perform deeper inspection compared to stateful inspection performed by the first- and second-generation firewalls. They go deeper to inspect the payload of packets and match signatures for harmful activities such as known vulnerabilities, exploit attacks, viruses and malware. GCSC security services and solutions take this into account and center around proven best practices as well as our experience and expertise in implementing top-notch security for businesses. GCSC security solutions are designed to be preventive by nature. This allows for a transition to a more proactive adaptable state instead of reacting to the vast amount of new and emerging threats.