Domain Registration And Hosting

For your Web presence you will need to register your domain, we register domain names and have alliance with the most powerful domain names registrar in the world, we also register your domain in Saudi Arabia and we register Arabic domains as well. Web Hosting The Huge Datacenter at SPSNET head office in Jeddah is one of the biggest Datacenters in Saudi Arabia; it has all the capabilities to offer you the following hosting services:
Shared Web hosting
Virtual Web hosting
Dedicated Web hosting

Email Hosting

SPSNET is offering a wide variety of Email hosting packages which match your needs, we also host your dedicated mail server, and backup your emails, we do provide anti-virus and anti-spam services along with the Mail hosting packages.

SMS Solutions

SMS became a very popular and practical way that can help your business stay in touch with your clients and offer your business to the prospective markets; and more ideas can be developed that will help your business succeed. SPSNET can offer you the SMS systems and the fully integration with your internal systems if required.

Mobile Application Hosting

Whether you are developing for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or Windows Mobile, you need to deploy your application to the right platform. Build your mobile application on a truly scalable, high availability platform and react to demand. We enable our customers to run the application with higher performance, deeper configurability, stronger isolation and better security guarantees.

Cloud Email Security Services

Cloud email security service filter unwanted messages and protect your mailboxes from targeted attacks. The service has self-learning capabilities and intelligence to deliver highly effective and accurate email security.

Email Marketing Tools

Streamline your marketing campaigns with our smart message deliveringtools online. A proven, result-driven mechanism for email marketing and social delivery. It’s fast, effective and easy-to-use.

Web Hosting

Windows web hosting - Dynamic

Linux Web hosting – Dynamic & Shared

* Email storage based on package storage.
* Not using any of the above features in any package will not reduce the package price.
* The above packages are not customizable.